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How Far The Humble Fall

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Follow You Down (by Gin Blossoms)

I know we're headed somewhere, I can see how far we've come
But still I can't remember anything
Let's not do the wrong thing and I'll swear it might be fun
It's a long way down when all the knots we've tied have come undone
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
Anyplace but those I know by heart
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down

"Bethany! Where are you going?" The girl halted by the stairs at the sound of her mother's voice. She had hoped to get by without being noticed. It was too late, by her parents' standards for her to be going out even though it was Friday, and they would not approve of the clothes she was wearing -- that Ian had bought her - nor the thick make up she was wearing. Fortunately, her father had not arrived home yet, so she had only her mother to contend with.

"I'm just going to Jessica's. I might sleep over." There was a pause, and Bethany thought that her mother might just poke her head out of the kitchen, but instead she answered. "Okay love, but be sure to text me when you get there and when you leave for home."

"Will do, Mum!" She was almost out of the door when her mum called out again.

"And if you hear from Toby, tell him to call, he's been gone all day."

"Okay!" As quickly as she could she sut the door and headed down the drive of their mock Tudor detached. There at the end of the driveway, leaning so casually against the wall, was Ian. She smoothed down her mini skirt and hoped her makeup looked good as she walked towards him with a smile. "Hi."

Azazeal tossed his cigarette to the ground and pushed himself off the wall. "Hello Beth." He smiled back at her, looking over the tight top, short skirt and heels she was trying to walk coolly in. He had 'bought' them for her on that first day. That day, after they got off the bus and they had shopped for the clothes, he had taken her to a quiet pub, and though the landlord was quite a diligent man, somehow some vodka just happened to get in her orange juice. It wasn't enough to get her drunk, just relaxed and soon the temperature in the small booth rose as Azazeal played under her skirt, kissing her deeply. She was too struck by him and how he was making her feel to notice that their no-so-discreet making out was going unremarked. Azazeal only went far enough to leave the teenager wanting more.

The next day she didn't see him, although texts were exchanged, mostly from her, even if he did tell her where and when they would meet for Friday and what he wanted her to wear. Of course, the whole texting thing wasn't necessary for the Grigori, but it was a concession to appear as normally human to her.

She was clearly so very excited at the prospect of seeing him again. After all, he was older than the boys that usually asked her out, a real man. Not that she had told her parents anything about him. They weren't against her dating, but she knew that they would not approve of her having a boyfriend nearly twice her age, so she kept this secret, and that rather thrilled her. "How's my make-up?" She had spent quite some time on it, and was eager to see if he liked it.

He stood and took a long, critical look. "It's not too bad, a bit on the heavy side, especially with the rouge and eye shadow." As he knew she would, she looked crestfallen after trying so hard. "But that's okay. I'll show you how to do it properly."

Her look of surprise gave him a smile. How was she to know that he had been the angel who taught the art of make-up to humans? "You can do make-up?"

"I know what looks good, and what I like."

Bethany smiled. It was amazing to think she had found a boyfriend who was not only far maturer than boys her age, but that he was so sensitive as well. "Where are we going?" she asked slipping her arm in his. In reply, Azazeal snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her to him, stopping her step. "A club I know. A very select club."

A pair of headlights shone on them as they kissed. The angle of their heads obscuring her face and most of his as the car passed by. When it was gone they started walking again, even if Bethany was more than a little breathless.


John Ellis was frowning when he pulled into his driveway. He didn't consider himself terribly prudish, but people could find themselves more private places to snog than the middle of the street -- especially if the girl looked no older than his own daughter. It wasn't that which had really disturbed him, but for for just a second there, the glimpse he caught of the man reminded him of that damned solicitor the other day -- the one representing that dominatrix -- Ian St. John. That was his name. What the Hell -- pardon his French -- was he doing right outside his house?

That annoyance was forgotten quickly as he got out of his car and looked forward to a nice meal with his wife and seeing his children after a long week at work. The house seemed quiet as there was usually the thumping of whatever music Toby was listening to, but there was nothing except the soft tone of the newsreader's voice from the television in the living room. That was unusual too, as he normally had to tell Bethany to turn off her teen shows and put the news on. When he poked his head around the corner, there' was no one watching. Ellis went to the kitchen, happy to see that at least his wife was there putting the final touches to his tea.

"Hello Helen." He pecked her on the cheek. "Where are the kids?"

She offered him a small, warm smile in return as she wiped her hands on a tea towel. "Bethany went to her friend's house and Toby is..." she paused, wondering whether to let him know of her worry. After all Toby was eighteen and perhaps had stayed out with friends and crashed there forgetting to text. Or perhaps his phone was dead, and he hadn't got her calls. "Toby'll be home soon. I'll see if I can get a hold of him, and tea will be ready in a minute."

Ellis nodded, not unduly worried about Toby. His son was a good, sensible lad, and he very much came from some old school notion that boys could look after themselves, but young girls needed to be protected. "Bethany went by herself?"

"Yes, John, but you know that Jessica only lives a couple of streets away, and she promised to call the moment she got there." hat put his mind at rest for now at least, and he set down his coat and briefcase before sitting down for his evening meal. Then he remembered seeing that damned solicitor. What was he doing loitering just a few houses down from his, and snogging someone...most likely one of the whores he represented.

"Helen, you haven't seen a tall, somewhat lanky man, about thirty, hanging around the road?"

Setting a knife and fork at his place, Helen shook her head. "No. You make him sound like one of your suspects." And that was unusual as Ellis never brought his work home if he could help it. "Everything okay, love?"

"Yes...yes, it's okay...probably nothing..." As she put the plate in front of him, he couldn't help think of the fact that Bethany had not long left the house and that creep had been lurking around.


As promised Bethany called home, letting her know she was safe at Jessica's. Of course, Azazeal had to remind her to do so, she was that enthralled by him that little else mattered to her. Even the walk to this nightclub he mentioned seemed to pass in a blur and before she realized it, they were there. It was the same disused building as before, again safely disguised by Azazeal's glamour. Inside the door were two apparent stone statues of grotesque beings guarding the entrance. A sign said,'Angel's Den', and Bethany looked from that to the statues. "They don't look much like angels."

Azazeal smiled. "Angels come in many different forms, not all wear white gown and have halos." In fact, he knew none that did. "These are Grigori, Watchers. What do they teach at Sunday School these days?"

"Not much," she admitted with a grin, giving the 'angels' one final glance as he led her into a side room, and she missed the slight movement of one of the statues as it blinked in acknowledgement. In the small room that was really nothing more than a cloak room, he did as he had promised and showed her how to properly apply her make-up. "Wow!" she breathed as she saw the results in a mirror. It seemed she was at least three years older, which to a sixteen year old was a big deal. "I never though a guy could do this, well, and not, you know, be gay."

He laughed. "Well, some guys just like to see people look their best." She was never going to know that it was his gift to the human race. "Come on, let's go in." He took her hand, leading her into the club proper. The deep, thumping beat of industrial music that had only been a hint before now reverberated around the club as they now stepped inside. For Bethany who had, like most girls her age, only really listened to Top 40 pop and the sanitized radio versions at that, it was a shock to hear such hardcore music.

It wasn't just the music. There was the sweet, pungent aroma of cannabis and bodies grinding against each other on the dance floor. Although unlike the night of the police raid, there was no public S&M scene being played out, but it was still an eye-widening experience for the young girl to see people making out heavily around the floor. She couldn't tear her eyes away from two men, barely dressed and kissing each other at the same time as wondering why she was so fascinated by it.

The music seemed to fade away as Azazeal drew her attention towards the two women walking up to them. One was Mistress Adela dressed in thigh-high, six inch heel boots, a latex bodysuit that showed off her ample cleavage. Her hair was pulled back severely into a ponytail. In her gloved hand, she held a chain. The other end of it was the girl who had called the police. Aside from the stock collar lifting her head, she wore platform sandals, fishnet stockings with a tiny skirt that barely covered anything, a cupless bra that showed off her pert breasts that were adorned with piercings and joined by a small chain. "Bethany, this is Adela, the owner and her pet, Emily."

Adela held out a gloved hand. "Delighted to meet you, Bethany. I hope you'll enjoy tonight. Ian could not have brought you to a better place."

Bethany shook the offered hand out of politeness, but she knew she was also staring at the two and not knowing quite what to think. They were beautiful, but her middle-class, sheltered upbringing was telling her it was wrong. "Pleased to meet you." She noticed that the other girl, Emily did not make a move.

"Emily." Adela unhooked the chain leash. "Fetch Ian and Bethany something to drink. Scotch, neat, if I remember, which I do, and for you, my dear?"

"Er, orange juice?" She knew it sounded pathetic, but she really didn't know what else to have.

She gave her a sweet, somewhat condescending smile. "And orange juice for Bethany." As Emily left to get the drinks, Azazeal and Adela began talking, and it was apparent that they were no strangers to each other, and Bethany felt quite the gooseberry as she stood next to her 'boyfriend'. Once Emily returned with the drinks, and served them, Adela excused herself and Azazeal. "I must discuss something with Ian. Bethany, you just wait here with Emily, do you? I'm sure you'll find something to talk about."
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