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"When the angels present themselves, the devils abscond." - Arabic Proverb

When I first saw this, I was understandably annoyed. As well as being a complete untruth, I find it insulting at the very least that the appearance of an angel would make me, or any of my Grigori, leave and allow them the advantage.

But on further consideration, I'm really quite happy for humans to believe this ridiculous notion. If they feel the presence of an angel will protect them from a demon, I'm quite pleased to let them have that false sense of security. Considering how many misguided sheep there are out there who believe they have an angel watching over them, guarding them from harm and from evil, and how wrong they are. Angels do watch, I should know, I was a Watcher once, but that is all they are permitted to do, and then report to their Master on how well -- or not -- His sheep are behaving. It certainly isn't a one angel to one human ratio either. Not that I wish to defend my former brothers, but they really have better things to do.

So if a human thinks he is protected by his very own angel, then it can be an opportunity...and a pleasure shatter his illusions. So, after some thought, I do like this idea. It only helps to work to my, and my brothers', advantage.
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