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How Far The Humble Fall

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5

"So tell me more of these dark places that you go."

Azazeal had moved off away from the bar, so that Adela could speak in private with him, and to also watch how Bethany reacted to all the open sexuality happening all around her in the club, and especially with Emily who was now leaning close to her as Bethany still stared at him. The spark of first crush jealousy was all but flowing from her, and that pleased him no end. He stroked his long fingers down Adela's neck.

"Don't mind Ian." Bethany jumped with a start when Emily whispered in her ear, or as quiet of a whisper as was practical in the club. "It doesn't mean anything. He flirts with everybody, and Mistress Adela is an old friend of his."

Bethany turned to face the girl. Her chain was gone, but her eyes fell on the little black collar around her neck. Emily also wore a little black leather and lace corset that barely covered her nipples, a skirt so short that it barely covered her and seamed black stocking with five-inch high heels on her feet. She was pretty. "It's just that I've never been in a place like this before." She leaned closer. "Is it always like this with know...?" She really didn't know quite how to put it into words. It wasn't just kissing, but bodies rubbing, breasts being sucked upon and dicks being stroked...and by both men and women. And she wanted to look but was afraid to stare, but there was nowhere else to look.

Grinning, Emily answered. "Oh yes! Mistress Adela believes there's a place where people can pleasure themselves in freedom. Let's go sit over on that empty couch. If Ian's making you a bit jealous, I'll show you how you can get his attention back." She gave a follow-me wave and led Bethany over to the couch. "Just sit back and relax."

It wasn't easy to relax with all the gyrating bodies around them and Ian still talking and getting very close with Adela, but she tried, leaning back and sipping her drink. It tasted a little odd, but she was too distracted, and definitely not familiar enough with it to recognize that a little vodka had been added to it. "How will we get his attention?"

God! She was so clueless! Emily almost rolled her eyes, but instead she leaned in closer. "Like this." As her hand rested on Bethany's thigh, she kissed her softly and didn't hesitate as she pulled back in surprise.

"Wow!" Never would she have thought that kissing a girl would be so...nice. Nothing like kissing Ian, but still nice. "Won't Adela mind? You and her are...?"

"I'm her pet, but if she minds I'll just get punished." By her grin, it was clear she didn't mind that. Although she might not, as this is exactly what Adela had told her to do. "Don't worry." Emily kissed her again, pleased that the other girl seemed far more keen this time. Her fingers slipped up and in between her thighs to brush against her lace panties. At her jump, she softly reassured her. "Just relax. Can you see what Ian's doing?"

The fingers didn't stop as she looked for Ian. It felt good, but she was also a little uncomfortable, but she didn't seem to want to tell Emily to stop. And the more she was played with the better it felt. There was Ian, and he was looking at them, and eyebrow raised, and then he smiled and came over. "Having fun?"

"Errr...Ian! I'm...I'm..." She flushed, realizing that anyone could have seen them.

He shook his head. "You're just fine. Emily's taking wonderful care of you." He took her hand and helped her up. After kissing her, he looked at them both. "I promised to show you about make up. Find a spare room upstairs and have everything ready for us, Emily. I just have to check into one little thing, then I'll meet you up there."

Emily grinned and nodded and took Bethany's hand, beginning to lead her away but she turned and saw Azazeal mouth, "Behave." That sobered her up a little.

He followed after them, but as they went onto a room at the end of the hall, he stopped and one of the other doors opened for him. Walking inside, he stepped over a junkie lying passed out on the floor and headed straight to another one huddled in the corner. "Toby, look at me."

"Ian?" The shaking man, well he looked barely into adulthood, looked up blinking. Even though his eyes were dull, and his hair unwashed and lank, he looked vaguely like Bethany.

"You want more, don't you? Need more." Toby nodded, even holding out his hand, hopeful that Azazeal would give him more stuff, as he had done before. "It's not free anymore, Toby. You have to earn it."

"I don't have anything! Please?"

He snarled, lifting Toby easily off the floor. "There's a whole load of people downstairs there who would love something that you can sell. Turn tricks, then you can shoot up again."

"I can't...Ian!"

Another man appeared in the doorway, and Azazeal didn't even turn around. "Take him out, throw him in the gutter. Pathetic humans." He stepped out and continued down the hallway, a smile slowly growing across his lips.
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