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Your eyes may be whole
but the story I'm told
is that your heart is as black as night
your lips may be sweet
such that i can't compete
but your heart is as black as night

i don't know why you came along
at such a perfect time
but if i let you hang around
I'm bound to lose my mind
cuz your hands may be strong
but the feeling's all wrong
your heart is as black a night

Remiel had done well. The woman was perfect, and Azazeal had to admit that the lesser Grigori had a talent for seducing those while all the time letting them believe they were the seducers. This woman, Kelly, so hungry for sex had taken pleasure in corrupting a priest. At least that is what she believed. Instead, it had been the other way around, a demon corrupting her further and setting the stage to use her for their own means.

Remiel could really be useful sometimes, and he did so enjoy playing a priest.

As for himself, he had been busy, letting the former archangel put everything in place for his own plans while he played, guided, and otherwise kept a watchful eye over Jocelyn de Rochefort. But now she was away on the Fortunate Island with her studies, and while he would visit her there, there was little his plans for his Great Undertaking needed until she was ready. And like in most things, he was patient to allow that to run its course until she was ready for him to guide her again.

Now it was time for him to turn his attention, once again, to a little side interest. Mark and Alexa Carter. Both were such unique individuals, both steered onto a path that they should not have been. Mark with his curse and Alexa with her death and return from Heaven. There was also the fact that Alexa had time and time again turned down his offers, ending the last time they had spoken by smacking him. With that, she had signed hers and her husband's destruction, and he would claim their souls. That Roman would realize no matter how painful an endless life was on Earth, it would pale against eternity in Hell.

He had helped them, sent Mark back to retrieve clues that could end his curse. Such a shame the man was too stupid to figure out what they meant. And instead of gratitude, he got berated by a woman who thought she could tell him to mend his wicked ways. Really, it was all very humourous, and instead of scaring him off, it had only made him determined to claim them both.

Some time had passed since then, letting them fall into a routine with their new humdrum jobs. Mark had been quite good in going to his meetings, and that was when Azazeal sent Remiel to lead those groups. Slowly, he would guide the Roman off the path of sobriety.

And Kelly. Kelly had been an unexpected gift. So very sexual, without boundaries and without morals. Perfect. Her first seduction of 'Father Jez' was not only pleasant for Remiel, but something he could foster and build on. And now, Azazeal would step in and draw her into his design for the Carters.

It was after one of the AA meetings, in the small community centre attached to the church, and even before he opened the locked door, Azazeal could hear the sounds...the moans....the screams, making it all too obvious what was going on. With a small wave of his hand, the door opened, and just as he thought, the blonde girl was naked, bent over a table with Remiel pounding her from behind. Both of them were having terrific fun. Azazeal lit a cigarette and leant by the door, watching for a short while, knowing that Remiel was aware of his presence.

Finally, he spoke. "Do you mind if I join in?"

OOC: Remiel/Jez is [ profile] priestly_demon, Kelly is [ profile] dontyouforgetit and is used with kind permission. Takes place before Mark and Alexa decide to have Kelly stay with them...because I'm such a slowpoke and am playing catch up! *g*
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