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He walks in, tail in the air. He may be a bald, neutered kitten, but only a cat could carry off the arrogance that Azazeal possessed. So, really, all things considered this smiting was not too bad.
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As we come into a time of deep religious meaning for many, it seems fitting to ask how you balance your own religious morals with those of your muses? Do your beliefs play into the way your muse reacts to things? How much research do you feel is necessary if you take on a muse who holds beliefs totally opposite from those you hold in your personal life? Would you be able to comfortably play someone so unlike yourself?

I chose to answer this prompt from Azazeal's account, as he is really the muse this question most applies to. Personally, I am agnostic when it comes to religious beliefs (although I do have a slight leaning towards more pagan beliefs), but I grew up in a Church of England household. Now, when it comes to my other muses, I find that either just glossing over their beliefs or a bit of research goes a long way. [ profile] civ_barbarian is a pagan, but as there is next to nothing known of the religion of his people, I have a lot of leeway in what I can use for his beliefs or not. Plus, aside from celebrating the main pagan festivals, it does not really make up a great part of the modern Hsu. Power, profit, pleasure -- in that order -- is really his religion. I write/have written three Muslim muses, two of those being historical in a heretical Islamic sect, so it is a matter of research on the Nizari rather than Islam as a whole. The other is [ profile] seesonlysmoke, who is both modern and a devout follower. I do research, plus I mostly use the general knowledge of Muslims and its tenents, and honestly, I'm more concerned with accurately depicting a Kashmiri freedom fighter and what it's like to live in a region that I'm unfamiliar with than his religion.

Azazeal has proven quite different. Being that he is so very connected with Judeo-Christian lore, and I have to start with the Bible and Apocrypha to be even slightly familiar with his origins and that has been quite an exercise. My own knowledge of Christianity is quite basic, learned from my childhood at Sunday School, and face it...CoE churches are 'Catholic Lite' and a close examination of Biblical texts were more of an option than required reading. Angels are the good, wholesome characters with white wings and tinsel halos.

At first it wasn't too difficult as I merely went from HEX canon, which in itself does not necessarily follow source material, but it is canon for the show. However, as I got more into delving into Azazeal's character and the whys and wherefores of his fall, I began to research more into his origins, and it has been a fascinating journey, and I must thank [ profile] fannyfae's writer for helping point out some excellent sources, and in tying in with Fae mythology which also really works for him. In the end, while I have learned a wealth of information about the angelic choirs, demonolgy, etc, it has not changed my lack of belief in the Judeo-Christian god. Indeed, whereas before I didn't give it much thought, now I view the Bible and attached books even more as mythology akin to the stories from, say, Greek-Roman mythology.


Dec. 15th, 2008 02:01 pm
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As my mun has been reliving the early 1980s, she found this video. For some reason, and I cannot imagine why, it reminds her of me.

Any guesses from the peanut gallery?
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1. Make a list of people who you still need to buy presents for*

Ella Dee
Faelyn de Rochefort (and Sebastien)
Caroline de Rochefort (and Stelios)
Jocelyn de Rochefort
Thelma Bates
Alexa Bond Carter
Cassius Albinius
Sally Owens
And anyone else I've spoken to.

Of course, to say "need" doesn't necessarily mean that I will. And for those I do, I do hope you'll enjoy them.
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1. Make a list of people you would take a bullet for.

A bullet is hardly likely to cause me anything more than some irritation; however, there are those I would protect -- for the most part.

-- Malachi (Even if I do feel like shooting the shit myself sometimes)
-- Those who have given themselves to me.
-- Those who will give themselves to me.

2. Make a list of people you would put a bullet in.

Not that I have need of a bullet as I have much more effective ways of destroying a person, but those I would wish to get rid of on a permanent basis.

-- Ella Dee. (I keep trying)
-- Mephistopheles (Harder than it looks as even without eyes and a stomach, he still manages to interfere)
-- Him
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Now class, today we're going to play a game. Pick one song and ONLY one to describe yourself. Post it. After that, others can comment and tell you what they think your song should be, however outrageous. Got it? Good. By the way? You comment, you post the meme, don't make me come after you.

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If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Answer, then if you want, post to your own journal and see how many crimes you get accused of.
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(OOC: Not connected to any RP. Meta comments always welcome.)

How Far The Humble Fall

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3

Chapter 4: The Silver Tongued Devil (by Kris Kristofferson)

Like all the fair maidens who've laid down beside him,
She knew in her heart that he'd lied.
Nothin' that I could have said could have saved her,
No matter how hard that she tried.
'Cos she'll offer her charms to the darkness and danger,
Of somethin' that she's never known.
And open her arms at the smile of a stranger,
Who'll love her and leave her alone.

And you know, he's the devil.
He's everything that I ain't.
Hiding intentions of evil,
Under the smile of a saint.
All he's good for is getting in trouble,
And shiftin' his share of the blame.

It was a few days after John Ellis had spoken to Ian St. John in his office. A few days since Mistress Adela had walked from his cells and disappeared without a trace, even though he had half his police force out looking for her or St. John. Still, he wasn't too concerned. The Angel's Den had been closed down and was empty, and he was sure that even if she was free, Mistress Adela wouldn't be entertaining her 'guests' on his patch again.

If there was one thing John Ellis took pride in, it was his ability in not bringing work home with him. Oh, he would tell his wife, Helen, this and that but nothing too serious. He believed he should protect her and his two children from the more violent and disturbing elements of society that existed. His son, Toby, was preparing for his 'A' levels and looking forward to going to University in the autumn, while his daughter, two years younger, was studying for her GCSE exams.

Her name was Bethany )
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This journal is now [ profile] 1st_of_the200. After much deliberation and considering everyone's thoughts and polls, I decided to go with [ profile] omgwtf_dfw's suggestion, but just adding the 'the' to make it sound that much more definite.

In the end, Azazeal insisted he keep the 1st. The name, as a whole, refers to his being the leader of the 200 angels who Fell with him (i.e. the Grigori).

Edit: Everything should have switched over, so his friend's list is the same and everything for 1st_nephilim should be redirected. :)
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After browsing a book at the library to dig up some research on Azazeal, I made some notes that I hope to eventually expand upon. This will be added to.

There are three main spellings for his name, Azazel, Azael, and Hazazel as well as many others variations. As is noted on his userpage, Azazeal is the spelling used by HEX, why I don't know, but it's claimed that it was a 'stylistic' decision by the producers (or maybe they just didn't do any research? No, that would never have happened!).

In Levititicus 16:8 on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) two goats would be chosen and one would be given to God and the other "marked for Azazel" and be cast out into the wilderness.

In The Zohar (Vayeze 153a) the rider on the serpent is named as "the evil Azazel."

Ireanaeus calls him "that fallen and yet mighty angel."

Apocalypse of Abraham calls him "lord of Hell, seducer of mankind."

His true demon form is apparently, 7 serpent heads, 14 faces, and 12 which Azazeal is just looking at me and snickering.

Milton's Paradise Lost I, 534 describes Azazel as "a cherub tall", fallen, and Satan's standard bearer.

Islamic writings, he is known as Iblis, meaning "despair" and refused to obey God and bow down to Adam.

(Davidson, Gustav. "Dictionary of Angels." Toronto: Collier MacMillan, 1967.Pages 63-64)

So, what does this mean for Azazeal?

For one thing, I shall keep to the HEX spelling to keep him separate from other uses in fandom of the demon, but he will answer to all, if need be. Even Iblis. :D Speaking of which, as I do write (very occasionally) [ profile] stitch_intime who is also Iblis I view them as one but also different aspects. [ profile] stitch_intime is more associated with Islamic writings and with the Djinn and Shaitan.

As well as Milton's description of being a cherub tall, I've come across other sources that point to him having been one of the Cherubim before his Fall. This puts him as being in the second highest rank in angelic hierarchy. Now, because the word 'cherub' has the connotation of cute winged babies, and Azazeal definitely isn't that, if I mention his former standing, I'll use (erroneously) 'cherubim' the plural...or 'kerub' (Hebrew) or 'karabu' (Assyrian/Babylonian).

Once he fell, it gets confusing as sometimes Azazeal is referred to as being Satan himself or Satan's standard bearer. Whatever his position is, he can be surmised that he is quite senior in Hell' hierarchy. HEX implies this too, when he tells a surprised Remiel that he has been recalled to Hell, and that even he has to answer to someone (Lucifer, I presume), and this is how I write him as pretty much only answering to Lucifer (when he feels like it). As for his true demonic form...I'm just going to stick with the one portrayed in HEX, much easier.

Okay, now I come to the sticking point of the Nephilim. This is what Azazeal and his brothers were called in HEX. Although, as I note on the userpage, this is wrong. The 200 that Fell after falling in love/being seduced were the Grigori (also called Watchers) and the Nephilim were the offspring of those unions. This mistake in canon has never sat well with me, despite the fact that I made it his journal name. And as I've written him more, it's sat even less well for the simple fact that it is wrong, and I can't see a logical reason why HEX made it this way. They did use the term Watchers, so why not Grigori? Anyway, I'm not going to go back and change every instance of "Nephilim" nor will I totally rule it out of usage in the future, although it will be more used in describing Azazeal, Remiel and others of the 200 in their demonic forms. Instead, I'll use Grigori more. Watchers will be used sparingly to save any confusion with Highlander or Buffy fandoms.

I know some of the things mentioned here are pretty basic, especially for anyone with Biblical or Rabbinic literature, but 1) I'm still researching this myself, and 2) what I do know I wanted to lay out simply so that those not so familiar can understand.

It's poll time! )
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(OOC: Not connected to any RP. Meta comments always welcome.)

How Far The Humble Fall

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2

Chapter 3: "When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, and it is very easy to miss it." - Boris Pasternak

"I've never heard of it." DS John Ellis was at his desk and looking through the report that had hastily been written up for him regarding the previous night's raid. He glanced up at the CID Detective Inspector who had headed up the investigation.

The DI shifted a little uncomfortably. He prided himself on knowing the town and all the questionable haunts. "Nor had I, sir. Or it seems anyone in the department or even Vice Squad. The Angel's Den kept a quiet profile and a very select clientele, who are being very tight lipped about the place."

Ellis sighed. This was frustrating, and a little embarrassing, that he didn't know anything about a hardcore BDSM club where drugs were passed around like cocktails being right on his doorstep. It should be the type of place that would immediately stick out in such a middle class, quiet town. That as well as the thought horrified him that it was going on under his nose. "What about the tip that was called in? Anything on the caller?"

"No, sir. We know it was a young girl. She told us drugs were all over the place, and that she was being used as a sex slave. We rounded up all the girls there, but none have come forward to admit they were the caller."

"All we can hope for is that once she knows she's safe and won't be harmed any more, she'll speak to us." He didn't sound to hopeful. He always felt so badly for girls forced into that kind of position, but they were always to afraid to speak openly about the horrors they'd been subjected to for fear of recriminations. And with the trade with the former Eastern European countries, such things were becoming even more common. "What about the Madam?"

"Mistress Adela?" The DI smiled. "Or rather Esther Keech. She's in the cells still, just calmly sitting there. The only thing she requested was to call her solicitor, which she did, and she's been cooperative otherwise. Hasn't told us a bloody thing, but..." A very cool one, that woman. She didn't seem perturbed at all her club had been raided and closed down, and that she faced a long sentence herself. "We'll question her again once her brief gets here."

Ellis nodded. "I'd like a word with him when he arrives." Not exactly proper policy on which he prided himself, and his station, but he was curious as to the woman and who would represent her.

*** )
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your name's Secret Meaning is...

"Desire Incarnate"

(OOC: No, this doesn't inflate his already sizable ego, not at all *eyeroll*)
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(OOC: Not connected to any RP. Meta comments always welcome.)

How Far the Humble Fall
Chapter 1

Chapter 2: "Sometimes I've been to a party where no one spoke to me for a whole evening. The men, frightened by their wives or sweetie. The ladies would gang up in a corner and discuss my dangerous character." Marilyn Monroe

His back supported by the couch, Azazeal sat on the floor between the legs of the club's dominatrix and owner. One leg was bent, his arm on his knee as his head rested against her fishnetted thigh. Around them people spanning the entire length of the sexual spectrum mingled. This club catered to all tastes and lifestyles. While, where they were in the bar area was mostly for socializing and meeting up, the plush couches around the edge of the room for me intimate pleasures that might also please the voyeurs. The more private rooms -- well some of them were -- upstairs were for more serious play. Music, a thumping industrial beat, although not overpoweringly loud filled the place. A haze of thin smoke, and the sweet smell of cannabis permeated throughout, and pot was the mildest of the drugs available. Patrons could also partake in E, Acid, cocaine. One of the rooms even functioned as an opium den. Indeed, the whole club was a den of vice and would undoubtedly cause an uproar by most of the middle class surburbanites in this commuter belt town...if they knew about it.

Cut for sexual content )
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My mun was browsing YouTube, and she came across this very interesting viewpoint on His creations. The man might have been an atheist, but he had it pretty much right.

And Remiel's favourite )
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Make a list of things you watch.

1. [ profile] fannyfae
2. [ profile] no_bedof_roses
3. [ profile] neidr_melltith
4. [ profile] faedefrance
5. [ profile] zee_ali
6. Tarantino films
7. Remiel
8. Everybody and anybody else as the mood takes me.
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1. Start Time – Now
2. Name - Depends what you know me by
3. Astrology sign – Ask Him
4. Gender – For arguments sake, male
5. Eye color – Blue
6. Favorite color - No preference
7. Glasses – No.
8. Tattoos - People often think my mark on my neck is a tattoo.
9. Birthday – God only knows...seriously
11. Sibling's name(s) – Too many to mention.

12. Cut your own hair? No
13. Did you do something in the past month that you regret? As if.
14. Skipped school? Never went
15. Bungee-jumped? No.
16. Punched someone? I have no need to do that.
17. Cheated on a test? Yes.
18. Been arrested? No, I'm quite persuasive.
19. Broken into someone's house? Yes....well, usually I just walk in.
20. Been rejected? Only at first.
21. Been to a funeral? Plenty.
22. Used a lighter? Yes.
23. Been on stage? Yes.

24. Season – Winter
25. Food – None
26. Ice cream flavor – None
27. Candy – None
28. Breakfast – Coffee
29. Person - Now this is where people will get jealous when I don't pick them. Then they'll fight. Pull each other's hair. Although that might be fun. Still, I'll pick Thelma. It's not true, of course, but it'll annoy her, and leave everyone else guessing.
30. Book – Book I of Enoch...I'm in it.
31. Song – "Satan's Seventh Bride" by Helicopter Girl.
32. River – Styx
33. Place - In bed.
34. Sport to watch on TV – Mud wrestling
35. Disney movie - Do I look the type who watches Disney movies?
36. Disney princess - Snow White. All those dwarves...kinky.
37. Name for a son - Malachi
38. Name for a daughter – Won't have one.

39. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.
40. Coffee or Cappuccino? Coffee
41. Long relationships or one-night stands? Both
42. Dogs or cats? Neither
43. Scary movies or comedies? Scary
44. Short or long hair on the opposite sex? Long
45. Croutons or bacon bits? Neither
46. Sitcoms or dramas? Dramas
47. CDs or radio? CD's
48. Friday or Saturday? Friday.

52. Talked on the phone? No.
53. Watched a movie? A few.
54. Cried? Yes
55. Smoked? Yes
56. Drank a glass of water? Not water.
57. Used drugs? Yes
58. Read a book or magazine? Yes
59. Watched TV? Yes.
60. Looked in the mirror? Yes.
61. Taken a shower? No.
62. Taken a picture? No.
63. Listened to music? Yes.
64. Told someone you love them? No.
65. End Time: Now.
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(OOC: I'm going to attempt to write a continuing fic using prompts. I want to keep this separate from his RP, but of course, muses and muns are still more than welcome to comment.)

How Far the Humble Fall

Chapter 1. "Poor sods don't have any clue of what's about to happen to them. But then, maybe that's for the best."

Cassie was dead. Malachi, although growing far faster than any human child, was still a child. It was just a matter of waiting until he did become old enough to prepare him for his destiny. Until then, he had to be protected, kept away from Ella Dee. Naturally, he was taking measures to see that the immortal witch would be far too distracted by her own problems to think about Malachi, and for that he had Remiel. In the meantime, Azazeal had time to spare, and as the old adage went, 'idle hands are the devil's tools.'

Since the trouble at Medenham Hall had begun, the police had been somewhat frequent visitors. What with Thelma Bates' death and now Cassie Hughes' 'disappearance'. It had been then that Azazeal had taken note of the Detective Superintendent, not paying him much attention at first. But he knew, as he knew all of them, who the man was. That angelic knowledge now set him on a plan that would, at the very least, be an interesting diversion.

Detective Superintendent John Ellis enjoyed a successful career with the Hertfordshire Constabulary, if fairly unremarkable. He had graduated from Hendon Police College somewhere in the middle of his class. A few years in a patrol car as a constable, then he applied, and was accepted into CID. There he had done his job well, showing a knack for good, solid police work. Solving a couple of important cases had done his career good, and he slowly rose up the ranks to Detective Inspector. His career might have ended there, never being able to break into the higher echelons of the police, waiting for retirement. Then he had exposed the corruption that had affected nearly all those within the detective ranks. Taking bribes, protection, false confessions, even drug dealing. Yet, he was untainted. Incorruptible, and got promoted.

It was that fact, that he was impossible to corrupt that had Azazeal's interest now. No one, not even the holiest saint, was incorruptible. However, DS John Ellis had kept himself very clearn. He didn't smoke, and rarely drank alcohol. He had a nice wife, a homemaker and two now nearly grown children, a boy and a girl. Their house was detached and in a cul-de-sac, but it wasn't extravagant, easily affordable on a DS' salary. They owed a little money, a mortgage, car payments, and a little on a credit card, but nothing too bad. While, they weren't a heavily religious family, they did go to church, at the Abbey, nearly every Sunday.

In a word, Azazeal thought he was terribly boring. Now it was time to liven up the man's life.


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