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Your eyes may be whole
but the story I'm told
is that your heart is as black as night
your lips may be sweet
such that i can't compete
but your heart is as black as night

i don't know why you came along
at such a perfect time
but if i let you hang around
I'm bound to lose my mind
cuz your hands may be strong
but the feeling's all wrong
your heart is as black a night

Remiel had done well. The woman was perfect, and Azazeal had to admit that the lesser Grigori had a talent for seducing those while all the time letting them believe they were the seducers. This woman, Kelly, so hungry for sex had taken pleasure in corrupting a priest. At least that is what she believed. Instead, it had been the other way around, a demon corrupting her further and setting the stage to use her for their own means.

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OOC: Remiel/Jez is [ profile] priestly_demon, Kelly is [ profile] dontyouforgetit and is used with kind permission. Takes place before Mark and Alexa decide to have Kelly stay with them...because I'm such a slowpoke and am playing catch up! *g*


Dec. 15th, 2008 02:01 pm
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As my mun has been reliving the early 1980s, she found this video. For some reason, and I cannot imagine why, it reminds her of me.

Any guesses from the peanut gallery?
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1. Make a list of people who you still need to buy presents for*

Ella Dee
Faelyn de Rochefort (and Sebastien)
Caroline de Rochefort (and Stelios)
Jocelyn de Rochefort
Thelma Bates
Alexa Bond Carter
Cassius Albinius
Sally Owens
And anyone else I've spoken to.

Of course, to say "need" doesn't necessarily mean that I will. And for those I do, I do hope you'll enjoy them.
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Make a list of things you watch.

1. [ profile] fannyfae
2. [ profile] no_bedof_roses
3. [ profile] neidr_melltith
4. [ profile] faedefrance
5. [ profile] zee_ali
6. Tarantino films
7. Remiel
8. Everybody and anybody else as the mood takes me.
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Make a list of things you do that annoy other people.

1. Talk to people.
2. Listen to people.
3. Offer people their heart's desire.
4. Send ghosts to haunt people.
5. Discuss the accuracy of scenes in Reservoir Dogs while torturing people.
6. Leave scissors in Remiel's neck.
7. Discuss the purity of the Virgin Mary to a bunch of Christians.
8. Watch people.
9. Stalk certain people.
10. Exist (in the case of one or two particular people).
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"It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives. The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short a time." - Samuel Johnson

New Mexico Territory, 1884

Azazeal leaned against the frame of the second-floor courthouse window, cheroot tucked into the corner of his mouth, watching the fascinating scene below. The freshly white-washed triple gallows sparkled in the strong sunlight as three condemned men were led up and took their places directly behind each of the nooses.

Two of the men were hardened criminals. Their list of crimes stretching back years, and nearly all of them violent. They didn't matter. Whether they died today or next week or next year, there was no doubt where their souls would go. It was the third man, a young man barely out of his teens, and he looked up at the courthouse window with fear, knowing that he would find no stay of execution from this judge, who had earned a swift reputation as a hanging judge. The charges were false, the conviction a foregone conclusion. The boy's family had appealed to the judge, begged and pleaded to let their son live -- he's a good boy, never meant no one no harm -- but Azazeal wouldn't relent, and there was something in the tone of his refusal that stopped their pleas and encouraged them to leave quickly and quietly before they shared the same fate.

"It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives..." The preacher was now standing before the condemned, facing the crowd and holding his bible up high, the man's high collar hiding Azazeal's mark. The young man stood shaking, barely able to stand and not from the gut-wrenching fear of facing death, but from the torture and from what Azazeal had made clear would follow. No death would be very quick, the fires of Hell eternal. However, to the expectant crowd, he looked strong and healthy, a man capable of the rape he never committed.

From his vantage spot, Azazeal turned slightly as he felt an arm wrap over his shoulder and greeted Perie with a smile. Her glamour on the boy was working well.

The preacher continued his sermon, bidding the crowd to bow their heads at the end to join in a prayer for these poor souls before them. "...And may the Lord have mercy upon their souls. Amen."

"Amen." The crowd echoed in blissful ignorance that such prayers fell upon deaf ears.

The hangman went from one man to the next, asking for last requests and then covering each man with a hood and then the noose. The boy, when asked, shook his head dumbly, Perie's magic not letting him speak and protest his innocence once again and say that it was not him who raped the Mexican girl, but that she had been seduced by the judge himself. With nothing to say, the hood was placed over his head and the rope tightened about his neck.

Off to the side, the hangman then stood by the levers that would release the trap doors simultaneously. He looked up to the window, waiting for the judge's nod.

Azazeal was about to give it when he saw a figure making their way through the crowd towards the gallows. Even if she hadn't had the flame-red hair there was no mistaking who it was. He hissed in sudden anger, nodding quickly for the hangman to send them all to Hell. The doors opened, but just as they dropped there was a flash of bright light and the boy's rope broke, dropping him to the ground.

Even Perie had drawn back from him, seeing the demonic seep into his eyes and not wishing to be so near to his rage as he turned and stormed out of the room.

Ella! This time he would get that interfering witch.
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(especially for [ profile] no_bedof_roses)

Some of this may sound very basic, but some people just don't seem to understand.

1. Fallen angels were once angels and not human. Never have been, never will be. This means they are nothing like humans and don't live to the same principles.

2. Another name for a fallen angel is a demon.

3. Before he Fell, as an angel was His first creation, loved and cherished by Him.

4. However, unlike His flawed later creation of humans, He gave angels no Free Will. (And therein lies the rub, did I fall or was I pushed?).

5. Fallen angels disobeyed Him. And unlike when humans sin, that is unforgiveable.

6. Having fallen, it's go straight to Hell, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. And you don't get to get out after the third roll of the die.

7. Redemption my arse. That is something reserved just for humans. Eternal damnation is just what it says on the tin.
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1. Obey Me.
2. Watch them
3. Don't touch them.
4. Don't teach them.
5. Love only Me.
6. him ascribe all sin.
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Pick one of the following for me:

Marry me, shag me, or throw me off a cliff.

ETA: Remiel: Does this apply to me?
Azazeal: Yes.
Remiel: Because the first two are definitely out and the third might come back and bite me in the arse.

So to save him any discomfort, also feel free to give your answer for Remiel aka Father Jez as well.
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(OOC: Yes, Malachi's age is going to vary greatly in posts as my mood, and Azazeal's, takes me. In this one, his son appears to be about two years old.)

Azazeal was expecting Mark's wife, Alexa, to arrive at the church at any time. That was the exchange, Mark got one night with the Stone and he got one night with his wife. Of course, she hadn't been thrilled, after all, the couple were still newlyweds, and she had laid down her own conditions, like no touching, to which he had willingly agreed. And that would hold as long as she didn't touch him first.

The old church was much the same. The knave was mostly bare, except for the long, red carpet that ran down the aisle, stopping at the wooden screen. Off in one corner were a couple of flatpack boxes, unopened. In there was a couch, Malachi's crib that he was getting too large for now, and then with curtains of red gauze separating another area, where Azazeal had his own bed. He was lying on the bed now, one elbow propping him up on his side as he watched Malachi play. Fortunately, the boy hadn't missed the Stone, and was currently using a cruxifix to apparently try and bash a dent in the flagstone floor. At least it kept him occupied.

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