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Make a list of morals

1. That's very
2. hard to
3. do
4. when one
5. abandoned
6. them a very
7. long time
8. ago.
9. It was very
10. liberating.


Dec. 15th, 2008 02:01 pm
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As my mun has been reliving the early 1980s, she found this video. For some reason, and I cannot imagine why, it reminds her of me.

Any guesses from the peanut gallery?
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1. Make a list of people who you still need to buy presents for*

Ella Dee
Faelyn de Rochefort (and Sebastien)
Caroline de Rochefort (and Stelios)
Jocelyn de Rochefort
Thelma Bates
Alexa Bond Carter
Cassius Albinius
Sally Owens
And anyone else I've spoken to.

Of course, to say "need" doesn't necessarily mean that I will. And for those I do, I do hope you'll enjoy them.
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1. Make a list of people you would take a bullet for.

A bullet is hardly likely to cause me anything more than some irritation; however, there are those I would protect -- for the most part.

-- Malachi (Even if I do feel like shooting the shit myself sometimes)
-- Those who have given themselves to me.
-- Those who will give themselves to me.

2. Make a list of people you would put a bullet in.

Not that I have need of a bullet as I have much more effective ways of destroying a person, but those I would wish to get rid of on a permanent basis.

-- Ella Dee. (I keep trying)
-- Mephistopheles (Harder than it looks as even without eyes and a stomach, he still manages to interfere)
-- Him
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Make a list of things you watch.

1. [ profile] fannyfae
2. [ profile] no_bedof_roses
3. [ profile] neidr_melltith
4. [ profile] faedefrance
5. [ profile] zee_ali
6. Tarantino films
7. Remiel
8. Everybody and anybody else as the mood takes me.
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1. Make a list of people you can work with. [Recent] past and present.

1. Remiel
2. Perie, were she still alive.
3. Malachi
4. Barquiel
5. Sarquiel
6. The rest of my Nephilim
7. Mephistopheles Not any more.
8. Thelma Bates
9. Cassie Hughes, if she were still alive too.
10. Jo
11. Faelyn

[locked from [ profile] fannyfae]
12. Jocelyn de some point in the future.
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1. Make a list of things you can justify.

1. Being tempted.
2. My Fall
3. The corruption of souls.
4. The deals that I offer.
5. The payments I require in return.
6. The sacrifices.
7. In fact, I can justify just about everything.

2. Make a list of things you can deny

1. Why
2. would
3. I want,
4. no need,
5. to deny
6. anything?
7. Or perhaps I'm in denial over that? *grins*
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Make a list of your favorite articles of clothing.

Favourite is a strong term, but as I rarely wear anything else these days.

1. A white shirt.
2. Dark blue trousers.
3. Dark blue jacket.
4. Dark blue overcoat.
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Make a list of things you do that annoy other people.

1. Talk to people.
2. Listen to people.
3. Offer people their heart's desire.
4. Send ghosts to haunt people.
5. Discuss the accuracy of scenes in Reservoir Dogs while torturing people.
6. Leave scissors in Remiel's neck.
7. Discuss the purity of the Virgin Mary to a bunch of Christians.
8. Watch people.
9. Stalk certain people.
10. Exist (in the case of one or two particular people).
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(especially for [ profile] no_bedof_roses)

Some of this may sound very basic, but some people just don't seem to understand.

1. Fallen angels were once angels and not human. Never have been, never will be. This means they are nothing like humans and don't live to the same principles.

2. Another name for a fallen angel is a demon.

3. Before he Fell, as an angel was His first creation, loved and cherished by Him.

4. However, unlike His flawed later creation of humans, He gave angels no Free Will. (And therein lies the rub, did I fall or was I pushed?).

5. Fallen angels disobeyed Him. And unlike when humans sin, that is unforgiveable.

6. Having fallen, it's go straight to Hell, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. And you don't get to get out after the third roll of the die.

7. Redemption my arse. That is something reserved just for humans. Eternal damnation is just what it says on the tin.
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"To place oneself in the position of God is painful: being God is equivalent to being tortured. For being God means that one is in harmony with all that is, including the worst. The existence of the worst evils is unimaginable unless God willed them." George Bataille

[locked to those who know Azazeal's true nature]

So many humans today forget that. The message is God is love. They believe that He is not only omnipotent and omniscient, but omnibenevolent too. They believe He forgives through His only begotten son. That He not only hears their prayers, but that He answers them too. That He picks their lottery numbers for them. They stand their in their churches, the best being the evangelical ones, praying, preaching and singing His praises and then claim to be filled with His love, inspired by Him to pass the 'good word' to some poor, unsuspecting bastard.

Now, dismissing for the moment the fact that He has no interest in such trivial matters, they forget that from the beginning He has always been a jealous and vengeful God. Remember the orders He gave Adam and Eve? Wiping out all but one family and two of every beast? Sodom and Gomorrah? The plagues? The list can go on and on, and those are just the ones against His most loved of creations. It would be so much longer if, I were to add His actions against the Fae and those of us who have Fallen.

So why is it that He is so fond of mass genocide against His most favoured -- aside from the fact that He just can't face the fact His third attempt is His worst failure? It is because He not only allows evil to exist, He created it as He created all. He let the Morningstar rebel and Fall, and he allowed my brothers and I to also Fall, knowing full well what role we would then fulfill. To perpetrate evil and encourage sin.

Mad, isn't it? This loving God, whose priests preach forgiveness and salvation, is the one who made it possible for you all to sin in the first place. He wants you to fail and then humble and humiliate yourself on your knees in His house, and most will never know until Judgement what their fate will be.

Why does He do this? Why does He allow his creations to suffer? Why not just ask for their love and give it in return? Not even I can answer that. But instead of thinking that Satan is evil incarnate -- or I or any demon -- humans should remember the evil He created and perpetuates, solely to trip you up. Tell me, is that the action of a kind and loving God?
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1. Obey Me.
2. Watch them
3. Don't touch them.
4. Don't teach them.
5. Love only Me.
6. him ascribe all sin.
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1. I've had therapy.
2. God alone knows...and He's not about to tell me.
3. History always repeats.
4. Hello, I'm Ian.
5. I thought this was house was open to the public, not a private school.
6. You little shit.
7. Malachi...what part of your brain isn't engaged?
8. God must be pissing Himself at this.
9. I want Ella Dee dead.
10. What do you want?
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One word prompt: God/dess

God. El. Allah. Jehovah. Yahweh. To name just a few.

God does exist.

God isn't a woman.

He is very much the God of the Old Testament.

Jesus is not God.

God does not listen to you.

God forgives.

Just thought you humans people should know that.

[locked to those who know who Azazeal is]

I was once part of the Angelic Host.

I loved Him as all those of us who were left did. But there is no room in all His love for him to have a rival.

The Lord our God, is a jealous God.

We were supposed to watch, but they saw us, came to us. And we fell in love. With Fae, with humans.

I sinned. My brothers sinned.

He cast us out, and we angered Him still more (after all, once you go so far, you might as well sin all the way). I taught humans how to forge weapons and also cosmetics. My brothers taught them other arts and knowledge.

Knowledge that He forbade humans to have, but why shouldn't you share in that knowledge?

To me, He ascribed all sin. In His eyes, I corrupted the Earth. And I was buried in the desert, beneath jagged rocks and into darkness.

I escaped and joined my brothers, both Nephilim and the other Fallen for eternity. Now the War comes and the fight begins.

Accept Him into your life, and God forgives all sin for just a small indulgence...

...except those of Angels.
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1. God. Well, He is the big one.

2. Ella Dee
3. Thelma Bates
4. Leon Tyler
5. *Raphael -- for interfering in my son's success.
6. *Mephistopheles -- for interfering in my son's welfare.
7. The rest of the Angelic Host for being on the wrong side.

(OOC: * Raphael & Mephistopheles mentioned are the "Hex" canon versions and not meant to reflect any muse here.)
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[locked to those who know about Azazeal]

1) Make a list of things that inspire you.

-- Lust
-- Pride
-- Wrath
-- Avarice
-- Envy
-- Gluttony
-- Sloth
-- But especially lust.

2) Make a list of your special talents.

-- Weapons -- bladed weapons in particular.
-- Cosmetics
-- Lovemaking that is unforgettable.
-- The nightmares that follow.
-- Witchfinding
-- Torture
-- Standing around watching.
-- Possession
-- and many, many others.
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[locked to those who know he's a fallen angel.]

Things I miss about being an Angel

1. My wings.

Things I don't miss about being an Angel.

1. Blind obedience to His Word.
2. To be held to a higher standard than those treasured creations of His.
3. The boredom.
4. Having to listen to Raphael.
5. No sex.
6. No drugs.
7. Knowing one wrong step will never be forgiven.
8. To see beauty and not partake in it.
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1. Trust Remiel to kill an Annointed One. Even without her powers he still couldn't do it. She even stabbed him with a pair of scissors.
2. Pick someone like Thelma to be a sacrifice. She can be a very annoying and nosy ghost...though she does have her uses.
3. Have another son. The prophecy's fulfilled.
4. Have dinner with Mephistopheles. Wait, I never did that in the first place.
5. . . . No, that's it. I'd pretty much do anything else again.
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"Ian St. John"
1. I enjoy a good brandy
2. I've had therapy for past failed relationships (yeah, right!)
3. I find single parenthood tough
4. My favourite movie is "Reservoir Dogs"
5. My son's name is Malachi.

[locked to those who know who he is, or might guess]

6. I am Leader of the Nephilim
7. That means I'm a fallen Angel
8. I was cast out of Heaven for falling in love with mortal women
9. I'm father to the Messiah of the Fallen Angels
10. I'm very good at seducing young, impressionable witches
11. I'm good at possessing them too
12. and driving them insane.
13. I have little time for 446 year old witches with red hair and a scarred shoulder
14. I ritualistically sacrificed my future lover's best friend and turned her into a lesbian ghost...she was a lesbian before she was dead too.
15. My aforementioned lover was killed by the aforementioned red-headed immortal witch to save our child.
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They had always drawn him. Their kind were the women who had first tempted the angels from Heaven. They were the ones who seduced, and were seduced by them. They were the ones who caused their Fall, not that they were to blame. The Nephilim had freely chosen their fate. Humans were game pieces and human witches beautiful and powerful, but that power came from him and his brothers. But the Fae with their own power and their sin and appetites as dark as his own always took his attention. Perie had served him faithfully, willingly, for so long. One of those first women, and he had loved her deeply. She would have done anything for him, and often did. Even offering to have the child he so needed, but that he couldn't allow. They would have all been in trouble then.

Now he stood in the grounds of Chateau de Rochefort, home to the High Lady of the Fortunate Isle, Faelyn. Here by mutual consent, he could have hardly resisted the chance to see, experience her dark tortures. That's what made the Unseelie so enjoyable to be around, and it drew him just as those first ones had.

He stood under the tree for quite sometime just looking up at the house, thinking, remembering, and anticipating, but when he finished his cigarette he knew it was time. He threw the butt onto the grass and stubbed it out with his shoe. Then he walked up to the chateau, his feet crunching under the gravel once he stepped off the grass. He wasn't one to knock, no alarms went off, and if there were wards, well he wanted her to know he was here. The door opened before him, and he stepped inside. Stopping, he looked about, pausing to admire the decor and sensing which way to go to find Faelyn.

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