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OOC: Continuing from this thread

Three days have passed, and Remiel awaits for Julian in the small church, gazing up at the figure of the Saviour in what appears to be deep contemplation. He is certain, well almost certain what the vampire's decision will be, but there is that pesky Free Will that will always play its part. Still, the boy is desperate enough to attempt this reckless and hopeless quest to find his redemption. Of course, his soul was eternally damned the moment he was turned, but Julian still believed there was hope that God would forgive him. So much desperate hope that Remiel could not resist playing with him. So, as a concerned priest, he had counselled. He had hinted that perhaps he was something more than a priest, perhaps even a messenger of God. And Julian had taken it in and believed him. He believed that should he enter the gates of Hell and find one of his victims and save him from eternal torment, then God might just forgive all his sins.

A load of bollocks, of course, but it passed the time.

He smiles up at the crucified Christ. "I hope you and He will watch, because in the end it is Father who will be condemned for this, and the vampire will go on to take even more souls from Him."

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