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Pick one of the following for me:

Marry me, shag me, or throw me off a cliff.

ETA: Remiel: Does this apply to me?
Azazeal: Yes.
Remiel: Because the first two are definitely out and the third might come back and bite me in the arse.

So to save him any discomfort, also feel free to give your answer for Remiel aka Father Jez as well.
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-- Well aside from that one scene in Reservoir Dogs that I've already spoken about at great length.

-- The Sixth Sense. When you find out Bruce Willis is a ghost.

-- Fight Club. The scene where it's revealed that Tyler Durden is the Narrator's figment of his own screwed imagination.

-- Citizen Kane. The end where Rosebud is actually his sled.

-- The Usual Suspects. Kint is really drug kingpin, Keyser Soze.

-- No Way Out. Kevin Costner's character is really the Russian spy.

-- Primal Fear. Roy isn't Aaron, but Aaron is Roy.

-- The Planet of the Apes. Is really future Earth.

-- Star Wars Episode V Vader is Luke's dad (although is there anyone alive who doesn't know that one?)

Have I spoiled everyone enough yet?

It gets very tiresome knowing the "surprise" twist before the beginning credits have even started.

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