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Your eyes may be whole
but the story I'm told
is that your heart is as black as night
your lips may be sweet
such that i can't compete
but your heart is as black as night

i don't know why you came along
at such a perfect time
but if i let you hang around
I'm bound to lose my mind
cuz your hands may be strong
but the feeling's all wrong
your heart is as black a night

Remiel had done well. The woman was perfect, and Azazeal had to admit that the lesser Grigori had a talent for seducing those while all the time letting them believe they were the seducers. This woman, Kelly, so hungry for sex had taken pleasure in corrupting a priest. At least that is what she believed. Instead, it had been the other way around, a demon corrupting her further and setting the stage to use her for their own means.

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OOC: Remiel/Jez is [ profile] priestly_demon, Kelly is [ profile] dontyouforgetit and is used with kind permission. Takes place before Mark and Alexa decide to have Kelly stay with them...because I'm such a slowpoke and am playing catch up! *g*
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My mun was browsing YouTube, and she came across this very interesting viewpoint on His creations. The man might have been an atheist, but he had it pretty much right.

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OOC: Continuing from this thread

Three days have passed, and Remiel awaits for Julian in the small church, gazing up at the figure of the Saviour in what appears to be deep contemplation. He is certain, well almost certain what the vampire's decision will be, but there is that pesky Free Will that will always play its part. Still, the boy is desperate enough to attempt this reckless and hopeless quest to find his redemption. Of course, his soul was eternally damned the moment he was turned, but Julian still believed there was hope that God would forgive him. So much desperate hope that Remiel could not resist playing with him. So, as a concerned priest, he had counselled. He had hinted that perhaps he was something more than a priest, perhaps even a messenger of God. And Julian had taken it in and believed him. He believed that should he enter the gates of Hell and find one of his victims and save him from eternal torment, then God might just forgive all his sins.

A load of bollocks, of course, but it passed the time.

He smiles up at the crucified Christ. "I hope you and He will watch, because in the end it is Father who will be condemned for this, and the vampire will go on to take even more souls from Him."
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Pick one of the following for me:

Marry me, shag me, or throw me off a cliff.

ETA: Remiel: Does this apply to me?
Azazeal: Yes.
Remiel: Because the first two are definitely out and the third might come back and bite me in the arse.

So to save him any discomfort, also feel free to give your answer for Remiel aka Father Jez as well.
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Power of prayer. Does it work?

OOC: This is Remiel.
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There is only one thing that arouses animals more than pleasure, and that is pain. Under torture you are as if under the dominion of those grasses that produce visions. Everything you have heard told, everything you have read returns to your mind, as if you were being transported, not toward heaven, but toward hell. Under torture you say not only what the inquisitor wants, but also what you imagine might please him, because a bond (this, truly, diabolical) is established between you and him. Umberto Eco, Italian Writer

Torture comes in so many forms. Torture of the body, torture of the mind, torture of the soul. There is pain and denial. There is hope and there is the absence of it. There is violence, there is sexual, there is solitude. Torture is to punish, or to extract information, or just because.

Over the years, I have employed all these methods, each for different reasons. Each effective. Inquisition, witch trials, something more personal. I've probably done them all. And, I think Mr. Pink -- no, Mr. Blonde Remiel was right -- from Reservoir Dogs said it best that he didn't care what kind of information the guy has, he's going to torture him anyway. And that's what so many people fail to recognize, a worthwhile torture will fuck with your mind like that.

It's the tortures where you seek the truth or information that are perhaps the most difficult. These require the most delicate balance. Too much pain and they can start babbling about everything except what you want. It's quite unlike getting them to confess to something. Inflict enough pain long enough, and they will confess to being Satan himself. I actually had a witch in the chair once who admitted to sleeping with demons, namely myself. And I had never been near this particular woman, and she never saw me for who I was. This form of torture usually has time restraints. Punishment, now that torture, even consistent, can last, for a human, weeks, and in the right hands, even longer. For anything more than human, it can last a very long time.

But of all of them, for me, are the kind that Mr. Blonde referred to. The ones that are tortured because they are there. Sometimes I'm an active participant, at others merely an observer. Perie, it was always a pleasure to watch her carve a man up.

There are the other tortures, the incidental ones. The women who have gone insane because they loved me, locked forever in their own private torture chamber of their dreams. Their little minds just unable to cope, and yet they will still do anything for me.

I haven't even touched on employing less human methods. Except that I remember with fondness how Perie would place their still beating heart in the palm of my hand as her finale.

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