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They had always drawn him. Their kind were the women who had first tempted the angels from Heaven. They were the ones who seduced, and were seduced by them. They were the ones who caused their Fall, not that they were to blame. The Nephilim had freely chosen their fate. Humans were game pieces and human witches beautiful and powerful, but that power came from him and his brothers. But the Fae with their own power and their sin and appetites as dark as his own always took his attention. Perie had served him faithfully, willingly, for so long. One of those first women, and he had loved her deeply. She would have done anything for him, and often did. Even offering to have the child he so needed, but that he couldn't allow. They would have all been in trouble then.

Now he stood in the grounds of Chateau de Rochefort, home to the High Lady of the Fortunate Isle, Faelyn. Here by mutual consent, he could have hardly resisted the chance to see, experience her dark tortures. That's what made the Unseelie so enjoyable to be around, and it drew him just as those first ones had.

He stood under the tree for quite sometime just looking up at the house, thinking, remembering, and anticipating, but when he finished his cigarette he knew it was time. He threw the butt onto the grass and stubbed it out with his shoe. Then he walked up to the chateau, his feet crunching under the gravel once he stepped off the grass. He wasn't one to knock, no alarms went off, and if there were wards, well he wanted her to know he was here. The door opened before him, and he stepped inside. Stopping, he looked about, pausing to admire the decor and sensing which way to go to find Faelyn.
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Sex when you are angry. Good or Bad?

It's always good. Angry, happy, indifferent, sex is never bad. True, some sex is better than others, but that depends more on the other person. Take Jo, for example. Such a charity case. That woman was desperate, and if I hadn't had a use for her she would have continued taking her frustrations out in that erotic fiction she thinks no one knows she writes. As for Cassie...she was perfect, and even if she tried to betray me, I would never be truly angry with her, especially in bed.

As for sex when I'm angry. I enjoy it. I'm not sure that anyone else would, considering -- and this is if I'm really angry -- I would most likely rip them to pieces. As the man who turns into the Hulk says, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." They are just too fragile to bear my wrath, although I'd still enjoy it as I feast on their soul.

So, in conclusion, angry sex: it's good for me bad for whoever I'm with, but I prefer it to simply be good sex.

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