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Azazeal stands by a bench in a park, sipping a juice box and looking around at the birds chirping in the trees with if he's never seen anything like it before.

OOC: He has been smote
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He didn't understand it. One moment, he had happily been looking down at the girl and the next he had gasped in horror at the...the...thing in her mouth. His scream of pure fear was truly ear splitting, sending the girl reeling back in pain. But it was still there! Azazeal fled to the church, having with shaking hands -- and a cloth that provided a barrier between him and it -- put the monstrosity away.

His hands still shaking so much that he could barely light his cigarette, and even that unwanted reminder made him shudder. He just couldn't get rid of the complete fear even of thinking about it. It was just horrific, horrific enough that he was tempted to shed himself of this human body and revert to his demon form, but given that it truly was monstrous in that form, and he couldn't be sure that this...this phobia was only tied to human form, that fear could possibly render him completely useless.

As it was, he sat in a dark corner on one of the back pews, his legs crossed, trying to hide it from him. He had to get away from it.
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He walks in, tail in the air. He may be a bald, neutered kitten, but only a cat could carry off the arrogance that Azazeal possessed. So, really, all things considered this smiting was not too bad.

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