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1. I've had therapy.
2. God alone knows...and He's not about to tell me.
3. History always repeats.
4. Hello, I'm Ian.
5. I thought this was house was open to the public, not a private school.
6. You little shit.
7. Malachi...what part of your brain isn't engaged?
8. God must be pissing Himself at this.
9. I want Ella Dee dead.
10. What do you want?
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Pick one of the following for me:

Marry me, shag me, or throw me off a cliff.

ETA: Remiel: Does this apply to me?
Azazeal: Yes.
Remiel: Because the first two are definitely out and the third might come back and bite me in the arse.

So to save him any discomfort, also feel free to give your answer for Remiel aka Father Jez as well.
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One word prompt: God/dess

God. El. Allah. Jehovah. Yahweh. To name just a few.

God does exist.

God isn't a woman.

He is very much the God of the Old Testament.

Jesus is not God.

God does not listen to you.

God forgives.

Just thought you humans people should know that.

[locked to those who know who Azazeal is]

I was once part of the Angelic Host.

I loved Him as all those of us who were left did. But there is no room in all His love for him to have a rival.

The Lord our God, is a jealous God.

We were supposed to watch, but they saw us, came to us. And we fell in love. With Fae, with humans.

I sinned. My brothers sinned.

He cast us out, and we angered Him still more (after all, once you go so far, you might as well sin all the way). I taught humans how to forge weapons and also cosmetics. My brothers taught them other arts and knowledge.

Knowledge that He forbade humans to have, but why shouldn't you share in that knowledge?

To me, He ascribed all sin. In His eyes, I corrupted the Earth. And I was buried in the desert, beneath jagged rocks and into darkness.

I escaped and joined my brothers, both Nephilim and the other Fallen for eternity. Now the War comes and the fight begins.

Accept Him into your life, and God forgives all sin for just a small indulgence...

...except those of Angels.

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